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What's the Difference?

Obviously, there's no single right answer to that question. There are several different kinds of life insurance available, and each of them is probably the best policy for somebody at some point in their life.

The two most commonly purchased kinds of coverage are term life and whole life. You only need to do a little bit of research to figure out which kind of coverage is best for your family, and to get the quotes you need to make your decision.

Things to Ask When Choosing Your Plan

The following are some questions you should ask as you consider Term vs Whole Life Insurance.

Who depends on your income?

If you are newly married and raising children, if one parent stays home, and that parent died, the working parent would have to find and pay for child care. Or if you are the working parent; if you died, your spouse would be left with no income and nobody else to care for the children. If both parents work, chances are that the family cannot afford to lose either income, but one will be lost. Term life insurance is ideal for this stage of life; it provides the lowest premiums, but offers a high level of coverage for as long as your spouse and children will need to be covered. Once they are no longer dependent upon your income, your term can expire and you might find that whole life suits you better.

What Do You Want Your Policy to Accomplish?

If you intend to support a family for several years on the benefits from your insurance, term life is probably the better choice. But what if you have no dependents, either because you are not married, have no children, or your children are grown? In this case, you probably only want your policy to pay off your home for your surviving spouse, and to cover your hospital, funeral and burial expenses. For people in this stage of life, when considering either of the these plans, you may find that whole life is the more suitable policy.

Where Can I Compare Quotes?

When deciding between these 2 plan types, make sure to compare quotes, do some research, and talk to your insurance agent. This site can provide you quotes that will tell you how much you will pay for the coverage you will need. You can then speak with an agent for more information if desired. To begin, enter your zip code in the box below...

Your Life Insurance Quotes Are Only
a Few Clicks Away!
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