Everything you need to know about Travelers Life Insurance

Written by Ellie Campbell

When you are out there traveling, anything can happen. Accident, theft or loss of your important documents; they all happen to travelers. Just like you will not have a home or a car without insurance; it is not wise to travel without insurance.

Why is Travelers Life Insurance essential?

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Ever wondered what really goes down when you get sick while traveling? Alternatively, when your property is stolen, a relative dies, or your flight is canceled at the last minute? It is your travel insurance that reimburses you for all these uncertainties.

In a nutshell, traveler’s life insurance is the emergency financial plan that you should never go on a trip without. It comes to your help when you are in that far land trip where you know no one. It is your ticket to fiscal sanity when all odds are against you.

As much as you should always have your travel cover come ready and active, you should hope that you never use it. It is the mantra of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

What to look for in a perfect Travel Insurance Cover

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The insurance industry is a lucrative one. There is money in the billions of dollars. It is not surprising that everyone wants to put their hand into the cookie’s jar. Consequently, the number of choices is mind-numbing. When you are lucky to make a great decision, the fine print will not be as great as you first thought.

So, what makes up the perfect travel insurance plan for your needs?

  • High limit for medical bills

Some plans will start as low as $100,000 while the elite ones will go to as high as $1,000,000. You may wonder why it is necessary for such a massive portion for medical expense. Here is the thing. When you get chronically sick or injuries, you need the best health care and top-notch specialists. Both do not come cheap, and you do not want to be left with a massive medical bill to pay from your pocket.

  • Separate cover for evacuation and care

Hundreds of situations may need evacuation. It could be a natural catastrophe or breaking a limb while you are hiking. For evacuation, you would need up to $300,000. With a policy that covers evacuation, you will not only be taken to hospital but also back to your home nation.

Ordinary travel insurance plans only initiate evacuation if the foreign medical facility you are in is inadequate, or you need an emergency medical intervention elsewhere. The separate evacuation cover makes sure that you will be taken to a medical facility of your choice or be flown back home where necessary.

  • Covering most countries

It will be a nightmare when you travel to your dream holiday destination only to discover your travel insurance does not cover that country. The world will come down crashing on you if anything bad happens. Before you take any travel cover, make sure it covers most of the countries you wish to visit.

  • Around-the-clock emergency services

Imagine calling your travel insurance company in the middle of a storm only to be told to call back after half an hour. It is inconveniencing and puts your life in grave danger. Make sure your choice for an insurance company has 24/7 emergency direct line.

Travelers Life Insurance Cover Loopholes you should be aware of

Even when you land your dream travel insurance cover, it will have its shortcomings. Nothing is as it seems to be in the fine print. You should be aware that the medical cover is not a complete replacement of your perfect health, but rather an emergency plan. It should not surprise if you cannot get a physical from your travel insurance cover.

The most important thing to know is that you will get exactly what you pay for. When you come across two companies offering the same cover, but one is cheaper, do not smile yet. The devil is always in the details. The more affordable option may mean you will get smaller payments, take long for claims to be successful, and go through lots of processes before you get help. When you choose, first know what is in the fine print.

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